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In the nursery and landscape business, the race goes not to the swift, but to the business best prepared year in and year out. Horticultural understanding and expertise alone are insufficient to keep a nursery business competitive.

To be successful in the nursery industry, business owners and professionals must have expertise across a wide range of horticultural, business, and marketing areas. Yet with the demands of daily operations, few have the time, funds, or capacity to allocate toward improving their knowledge-base outside a relatively narrow area of proficiency.

NENA Membership is one step you can take to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

For more than 90 years, the New England Nursery Association has been proving that the joint efforts of nursery professionals can bring exceptional results to all who participate. Accordingly, the New England Nursery Association invites all who share our values to join and participate; to improve business profitability; to enrich the quality of their professional and personal lives; and to advance the cause of our growing industry.

As diverse as our membership may be, all are united in their commitment to our industry, and all express a willingness to contribute their fair share and portion to advance and promote its cause. In essence, members of the New England Nursery Association recognize that when nursery business owners and professionals unite - combining strengths and efforts - much can be accomplished.

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