Dues Overview

Active Member: $90 - $300

Any Individual, Partnership or Corporation, whose main office is located within the region and whose primary activity is the growing, dealing, or selling of green goods. Active members dues are based on the volume of nursery business done by the individual member during the member’s previous fiscal year. This volume includes the full amount of all sales of green goods including the full amount of planting orders. Dues are at the rate of $2.00 per thousand dollars of total volume of nursery business. Minimum Dues $90.00 per year, Maximum Dues $300.00 per year. 

2017 Dues Rates:

Active Level 1: $  90
Active Level 2: $ 150
Active Level 3: $ 200
Active Level 4: $ 300

Associate Member: $150

Any Individual, Partnership or Corporation engaged in an allied trade or in the manufacture and/or sale of nursery supplies and/or equipment. Also nursery firms located out of our region. They shall have no voting privileges. Associate members dues are $150.00 per year. 

New Member - special introductory rate - $50

Available to any new member for the first year of membership.